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About Us

Wigs Plus’ company mission is to “Serve Those That Have Served Us” Thank for your service to our great Nation

Wigs Plus LLC is a minority African-American, woman owned small business located in Washington DC with over 14 years of wig (Cranial Prosthesis) manufacturing experience within the industry.  Wigs Plus works exclusively with active duty military service members as well as Veterans experiencing hair loss.

Wigs Plus makes custom Cranial Prosthesis wig units by utilizing the highest quality of human virgin hair coupled with unique manufacturing techniques that allow versatility and manageability.  We specialize in custom fitted Hair Prosthesis for the Transgender community and for medical hair loss conditions such as Androgenetic Alopecia, Alopecia Areata, Burns & Scars, Cancer, Diabetes, Thyroid Disease, Lupus, PTSD Related Stress and Trichotillomania just to name a few. 


Our unique custom full lace natural scalp caps are hypoallergenic and can be worn during most medical treatments such as chemotherapy and scalp injections.  We also offer therapeutic scalp treatments/hair restoration services at our Washington DC Clinic location.  Our keen knowledge of the Wig Industry has helped us develop solutions that answer the unique needs of patients experiencing permanent and temporary hair loss.

Wigs Plus, LLC currently services over 1000 Veterans throughout the United States.  Our DC headquarters serves as the primary service center and warehouse located in Washington DC’s prestigious Capitol Hill.  Wigs Plus employs over 20 licensed Cosmetologists across the country trained using our custom install techniques.  We have Service Centers nationally and serve as on site consultants at selected Medical Centers by appointment only through the benefits department.  Wigs Plus has been instrumental in increasing the medical awareness of female veteran hair loss by supporting, sponsoring and organizing events throughout the country, as well as educating providers and Medical Center staff members.

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Wigs Plus offers the most realistic look in hair replacement solutions as the color and style can be adjusted to match your natural hair more closely than what may be available in a synthetic or human hair stock wig.  Although synthetic hair and human hair has evolved to closely resemble natural hair  it typically has a shinier look in the natural light than virgin hair and it irritates the scalp and may cause damage to the scalp during treatments.

Our Custom Virgin Hair Cranial Prosthesis features include:

Natural Scalp
Natural Scalp - Gray
Natural Scalp - Brown
Custom Hair Textures
Custom Hair Colors
(including gray)
Custom Built Caps
(hair lengths range from 10'-24 inches)

Our therapeutic cap is ideal for Cancer, Lupus and Alopecia Patients.  It provides comfort for tender skin, helps prevent wig slippage, is made of medically approved materials, acts as a cushion between wig and scalp, and allows airflow so the scalp can breathe.  It’s also noted as the perfect anti-itch wig solution.  Even with total hair loss, you can move around freely when wearing our Hair Prosthesis.  Our medical grade cap supports any head shape or size for additional cushioning.  Our caps do not absorb body fluids or oils and is X-ray transparent and hypoallergenic.

Did you know that the VA (Veterans Administation) Covers 100% of the cost of your Cranial Prosthesis Wig?


Here’s how it works:


  1. Request a consult/referral from your primary care doctor within the VA Hospital for a custom wig due to your hair loss condition. If you’d like us to service you please have your Doctor add our name and phone number to your consult, Wigs Plus 202-549-4111.

  2. Call us for a free phone consultation with one of our local experts in your area. We will assist you in choosing the best Cranial Prosthesis, hairstyle and hair texture.

  3. Your Custom Cranial Prosthesis will be ready for pick up or delivery within 30 days. It’s just that simple.

Hair Restoration Services:


Wigs Plus is proud to now offer clients the XTC Hair Growth Systems product line. The multi-therapeutic treatment line was developed exclusively for hair restoration services.


XTC combines unique, superior hair loss products with the most advanced and state of the art hair loss lasers for maximum results in treating hair loss.  The Hair Boost System combines clinically proven DHT Inhibitors, to block DHT naturally, without the risk of side effects and provides the nutrition hair needs to thrive.


We provide biweekly in clinic treatments at selected service centers nationwide to promote hair growth.


This program combined with the use of laser light therapy, will help clients see hair growth as quickly as three months. 


 Contact us for more information at 202-549-4111 to get started.